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UPB mission statement

We strive to provide you, the client, with the best quality hand-reared pet parrot available. We do this by providing the parent birds with the best environment possible to live in, the best fresh foods and pellets to eat and the most stress free life possible. All our baby birds are raised with their siblings, fully socialised with adults, children and animals. We stay in touch with clients for as long as they deem fit. We offer 24/7, lifetime support by email and telephone, as well as our exclusive web based forum. All our babies are bred by us, raised by us, and sold by us. We do not supply pet shops or other hand rearers

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Why Buy From UPB

Why we started unitedparrotbreeders.co.uk

In early 2003, myself and my wife began to despair at the number of parrots ending up in rescue centres, and the lack of accurate, up to date information for people considering entering into parrot ownership for the first time. As breeders of birds for around 20 years, we considered setting up a website to offer advice and information, but we soon realised that it would only benefit those lucky enough to have internet access. What we really needed, was to be able to provide the advice at the point of sale. As we had only bred birds for our own enjoyment, and a very few for family and friends, the prospect of selling to the public was very daunting. During the next few months we visited trade shows, pet shops and other retail outlets. These also included several so called "hobby breeders", who were really just in it to make a fast buck. We joined several internet groups and forums, and even subscribed to monthly magazines, all to research what we were planning on doing. Would there be a market for truly hand reared birds? Would we be able to compete with the pet shops and parrot farms? Things looked bleak. Then two things happened that changed our lives.

When things just "click"

One of the internet groups we were on, had a couple of day trips organised. Nothing too big, a trip to Tropical Bird Park, and a BBQ at one of the group members house. We were invited, and we went along expecting just a nice couple of trips out. What we didn't expect, was that we would meet some people who had been thinking just like us. In fact, they had gone one better. They had already been breeding and selling parrots, but making sure the prospective buyers were totally aware of the commitment the parrots would demand. When they told us about their own dismay at the way parrots were being raised and sold in shops, we knew we had found like minded folk. Over the next few months, we were introduced to more people who thought along the same lines. We were given lots and lots of valuable advice on what to specialise in and how our previous experience could help us in choosing species to add to our own collection. The group of friends widened, as did the geographical area we all covered. Now we could be expected to meet up anywhere between Lancashire and Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Sussex! Things had started to come together, but something was missing...A final push.

Words make a difference

During one of our many meetings with our parrot breeding friends, someone mentioned a phrase that stuck with us. "the right bird, for the right person". It said it all. A simple phrase, but one that could save a parrot from a horrendous life, an owner from losing a lot of money, and lot of work saved away from rescue staff. A lot of saving for just seven words! It was all we needed. We decided to sell to the public. Every bird we have sold since 2003 has been taken away only after we have made sure that this phrase has been stuck to 100%. Its a fact that we are very proud of.


In 2004 we registered a website. www.cag-tag-and-sennie.co.uk was a great success, we put as much information as we could on the site, but the emails produced by it became overwhelming. They took up more and more of our time. Meanwhile, our parrots were happily going about their business. Sometimes they bred, sometimes they didn't. It was never our intention to rely on the birds producing chicks, and it remains the same today. Demand always outstrips supply. We do not, and will not, ever force our birds into breeding. The birds did produce enough for us to lose our way a little with the website though. It badly needed updating and new photos. We had always wanted to be able to add video and, eventually, live nest box cameras. We needed to spend some time on the website. Getting information out to people had always been our prime objective, and giving advice by email was becoming a major part of our day. We had to get our act together.2004 was beyond us now, but 2005 beckoned, and changes needed to be made.

The phoenix rises. This time its "United"

During all this time, and now into 2005, our breeder friends had all been going through similar experiences to our own. Baby parrots need feeding every 4 hours. They do not stop being hungry when its time to go to work, neither do the parents decide not to lay eggs just because you have booked your summer holidays! Weekend breaks disappear for good, and even trips out usually involve taking mobile brooders, food, hygiene equipment, and of course babies. Sometime you need a break from it all. This is when friends, good friends, come into their own. We all started "swapping" clutches of babies. Sometimes it would be while we holidayed, sometimes for just a weekend, sometimes for the whole hand rearing period. Usually the swap involved a clutch of babies, occasionally it involved moving into another house 60 miles away! We trusted each other 100% with our baby parrots, even with each others houses. So why couldn't we all share a website? Another idea developed. Why not run the website, the emails, the hand rearing, the sale of the babies, between us all? A type of co-operative. A mutual breeding, rearing and selling mini community. We spent most weekends at each other houses, we were all on the internet. It seemed so obvious!! A meeting of minds over a lovely dinner, a new approach was agreed. As was the splitting of email traffic to the people who bred and reared the specific species being enquired about, thus speeding up replies. We needed a name. Something that would convey what we do, but also that we all have the same thing driving us. Over dinner one night it was agreed, we would become "unitedparrotbreeders". It was also agreed we would supply videos for the site. Babies feeding and learning to fly. Nest cameras were installed. A live link to the site provided video from 2 nest boxes 24 hours a day.. We went live in April 2005

United we stand

So, here we are. Whether you have found a link from the breeders listings on many websites, via a link from another site, from a search engine, from a recommendation from an owner of one of our babies, you HAVE found us. We are still as strong and as dedicated as ever. We still travel all over the place visiting and helping each other. We are closer friends than ever. We still let our parents birds live and breed as they wish. We rarely have enough babies to supply the demand, but most folk are willing to wait for one of our babies. They are all hand reared in the old fashioned way. Socialised, used to family noises, fully weaned and fed on the best pellet diet available. There are other breeders who offer one, two, maybe all of the previous things, but you have to ask yourself.....do they provide the ultimate service?

Take a close look at the shop where you have seen a good looking parrot for sale. What are the cages like for size, for cleanliness, for condition. Ask if he reared the baby himself, or if not, how long he has had it!

Have a long chat to the guy with a 12 month old African Grey for sale in the local paper. Its usually for sale as the owner is either "emigrating", has "just had a new baby ", or the old chestnut "....has developed an allergy to the bird". Oh, and its always 12 moths old. Just old enough to be beyond the point where you can age them visually!

Do they supply "the right bird, for the right person"?

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