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UPB mission statement

We strive to provide you, the client, with the best quality hand-reared pet parrot available. We do this by providing the parent birds with the best environment possible to live in, the best fresh foods and pellets to eat and the most stress free life possible. All our baby birds are raised with their siblings, fully socialised with adults, children and animals. We stay in touch with clients for as long as they deem fit. We offer 24/7, lifetime support by email and telephone, as well as our exclusive web based forum. All our babies are bred by us, raised by us, and sold by us. We do not supply pet shops or other hand rearers

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What We Provide

With every UPB bred bird you get the following

Hatch Certificate

This has your parrot's own, unique UPB closed ring number and date of hatching. It has the parrot's name, and all the contact details of the person who bred and hand-reared your bird. This provides positive proof of age and authenticity.

Care Sheet

This is a sheet of basic requirements for your new parrot. It is species specific information, including information on favourite foods that your individual parrot prefers etc. This sheet will help you to understand the requirements of your new family member.

Photo CD-rom

A complete record of your parrot's development. Photographs usually start with eggs in the nest and end with the day the parrot leaves for his/her new home. Photos are taken every couple of days (sometimes every day) and the growth and the feathering can clearly be seen. These photo CD-rom's are unique to each and every parrot. They come with a signed certificate cd-rom cover, that ensures that the photo's are of your particular parrot!

Pet Carrier

All UPB birds now come with a free pet carrier to take your new baby parrot home in. It will also come in useful for transporting your fully grown parrot on his future travels.

Access to the "owners Only" section of the website

Access to the "Owners Only" section brings many benefits. You will have access to photo albums to upload your parrot photo's, access to "exclusive" live nestcams and also access to the "Owners Only Forum". The forum is, as the name implies, for exclusive use by owners of UPB parrots and the UPB breeders. On here, you can ask for advice from other owners, ask questions of the breeders, or just chat away about anything you like. We also have parrot recipes, hints and tips and links to pages on the website that are unavailable to non owners.

24/7 lifetime support

When you buy a UPB parrot, you are buying from people with many decades experience of breeding and hand rearing birds of all kinds. We are always here for you if you have any concerns, or any questions to ask. All buyers are given full contact details of the breeder and are given access (via the forum and email addresses) of all the other UPB breeders. We like to keep in contact with all our new owners and we usually exchange hatchday and Christmas ecards. We love to hear updates of the parrots and never refuse photo's. We even try to get photo's put straight up onto the website so we can all share in your new parrot's experiences and development.

A parrot that is ready to leave!

We never let a parrot leave us until it is FULLY weaned. We do NOT provide hand rearing formula with a parrot. We do not, and will not, sell a parrot that still requires a feed. Do not listen to breeders who say that the new owner should hand feed the last feed for a couple of weeks to help "bonding" This is rubbish! What they want is to get rid of the parrot, and get your cash. Its as simple as that.

All our parrots are fully weaned onto a pellet diet. Pellets give all the nutrition, all the minerals, and all the vitamins that a parrot requires. In addition to pellets, all our parrots are weaned onto fruit and both fresh and frozen, vegetables. They are not awkward eaters and they are confident enough to try anything at all. NONE of our parrots, whether breeding pairs or baby parrots, are given seed. Recent studies have shown seed to be a major contributor to problem behaviour and to obesity. Pellets are proven to negate a lot of these problems, and at the same time cancel the need to feed supplements such as calcium (for Greys) and probiotics.

The difference

Buying a parrot from UPB means you get something "different" than from other breeders. You get commitment! We are committed to ensuring that our breeding birds are healthy, well fed, well stimulated and not over bred or farm bred. How many other breeders can say that? From our (extensive) experience, not many.

All our parrots are reared in our own homes. They are part of the family from when they are taken from the nest, at 14-21 days old, up to the day they leave us. They are socialised with their siblings (we do NOT rear babies individually), with adults, children and dogs. They are well used to household noises such as washing machines, TV's, vacuum's etc. They are played with before and after each feed, and in between feeds. They truly are part of the family. All our owners were pleasantly surprised at the difference between our parrots and other so-called hand reared parrots.

Every chick that comes into our homes has been left in the nest with its parents for 14-21 days (depending on species). We do not raise from the egg, or incubate eggs. Not only do we believe that doing this is more stressful to the parent birds, but it deprives the growing chick of vital nutrients and gut flora that it should  get from its parents. All chicks are raised in Brinsea intensive care units. We use TLC-4 and TLC-5 units. These are the best on the market, and control not only temperature (to half a degree c) but also humidity and air quality. All TLC units have a facility for oxygen and medication to be introduced into the unit via a built in system. The same system also has the facility to connect a nebuliser. The TLC units are designed for veterinarian use and are made to the highest standards. Our parrots deserve the best, so get the best!