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We strive to provide you, the client, with the best quality hand-reared pet parrot available. We do this by providing the parent birds with the best environment possible to live in, the best fresh foods and pellets to eat and the most stress free life possible. All our baby birds are raised with their siblings, fully socialised with adults, children and animals. We stay in touch with clients for as long as they deem fit. We offer 24/7, lifetime support by email and telephone, as well as our exclusive web based forum. All our babies are bred by us, raised by us, and sold by us. We do not supply pet shops or other hand rearers

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Timneh Grey Parrot

(Psittacus erithacus timneh)

Timneh Grey Parrots are the smaller cousin of African Grey Parrots. The Timneh is a darker grey colour than the Congo and has a bone coloured upper mandible. The lower mandible is dark grey/black, as in the Congo. They weigh around 350-450 grams and grow to around 12 inches in length. Their tail is a deep maroon colour. As with the Congo, a Timneh's sex can not be determined by its appearance. The only reliable way of sexing is by DNA or surgical sexing.

If you want a bird that can talk, look no further. The Grey (Congo or Timneh) is beyond compare. They are the kings of speech, so good in fact, it is very hard to determine who is actually speaking, the owner or the bird! A grey will learn new words with very little effort, in addition to the owner's family, the radio, the TV and of course, the telephone all provide learning opportunities for a Grey.

The Timneh can best be described as "a Congo Grey without the hang ups". This is because while the Timneh has all the talking, mimicking and playfulness of the Congo, it does not suffer as badly from lack of socialization, emotional, mental and physical stimulation.

This does not, of course, mean that a Timneh can be simply put in a cage and left alone. No bird should have to endure that indignity and a Timneh does require all the above types of stimulation. The bonus with a Timneh is that he can handle being alone for short (infrequent) times without them. This is ideal if your lifestyle dictates that you must leave your bird "home alone" while you shop, pick the kids up from school, even while you go out visiting for a few hours.

Basically, Timneh's are pretty "Family friendly". All there needs are as with a Congo, just not quite as intense. They are equally rewarding as a Congo and equally long lived.

Timneh's have for a long time, been thought of as a poor cousin of the Congo. I have no idea why this is, maybe its the colouring or the fact that they are slightly smaller than the Congo. One thing that is for sure, Timneh's fit in with modern day life a lot easier than Congo Greys or most other "big" parrots. They are a joy to own and give everything a Congo can, just in a more compact package!


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