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UPB mission statement

We strive to provide you, the client, with the best quality hand-reared pet parrot available. We do this by providing the parent birds with the best environment possible to live in, the best fresh foods and pellets to eat and the most stress free life possible. All our baby birds are raised with their siblings, fully socialised with adults, children and animals. We stay in touch with clients for as long as they deem fit. We offer 24/7, lifetime support by email and telephone, as well as our exclusive web based forum. All our babies are bred by us, raised by us, and sold by us. We do not supply pet shops or other hand rearers

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Other Pets

How do parrots fit in with other pets in the home?( A light-hearted look)

Hairy stuff                    -        Dogs. Parrots and dogs get along fine as long as certain rules are made, and enforced. Parrots should not be encouraged to ride on a dogs back, to swoop down onto a dog, or to startle the dog in any way. If a dog is startled his natural reaction is to bite. A single bite from the smallest dog can kill the largest parrot. If the parrot is intent on riding the dogs back, and the dog is happy letting him, then so be it. Let them decide for themselves, don't just put the parrot on the dogs back, and expect all to be well! The same thing goes the other way around (no, not the dog riding on the parrots back!) If the dog does not want anything to do with the parrot, so be it. Leave well alone. Basically, let the dog and the parrot sort things out. A well trained, well behaved dog will get on great with a well trained, well behaved parrot. Most parrot owners have dogs and never have a problem.

Fluffy stuff                   -      Cats. Cats? Are you serious? A cat and a bird? Surely not? Well, actually, yes. Many parrot owners have pet cats too! It seems the best way is to have the parrot first, then get a kitten. That way the kitten knows who is boss, rather than a parrot suddenly appearing in the cats house. Again, it all comes down to how well behaved and trained both parties are. Personally, I'm not a cat person so I have no knowledge of the relationship, but I am assured it can work.

Furry stuff                    -       Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, Mice etc. This is a no no. Any decent sized parrot will take one look and think "mmm meals on wheels". All of a sudden, your prize winning mouse (do they have mouse shows?) is naught but a snotty mess on the floor, and your parrot will ignore his pellets and start baying at the moon! Not for me I'm afraid.

Wet stuff                       -       Fish. I cant believe I am even discussing this. How could they not get on? I suppose that Bob the goldfish could sabotage Billy the macaw's scuba gear, but somehow I doubt it. And I cant see Bob waltzing over to Billy's cage and swinging from Billy's favourite rope ladder either. Lets get serious, fish and parrots? Why the hell not.

Exotic stuff                    -      Snakes, Spiders, Lizards. I have absolutely no idea. If I had, I would be too scared to be able to write it anyway. aargh, just the thought. If you have any exotic pets that live happily, or otherwise, email me and I'll add your comments here. Just don't expect me to come around to your house to take any photo's!!

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