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We strive to provide you, the client, with the best quality hand-reared pet parrot available. We do this by providing the parent birds with the best environment possible to live in, the best fresh foods and pellets to eat and the most stress free life possible. All our baby birds are raised with their siblings, fully socialised with adults, children and animals. We stay in touch with clients for as long as they deem fit. We offer 24/7, lifetime support by email and telephone, as well as our exclusive web based forum. All our babies are bred by us, raised by us, and sold by us. We do not supply pet shops or other hand rearers

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Black Headed Caique

 (Pionites melanocephala)



Caiques (usually pronounced "cakes") are friendly, playful, intelligent and inquisitive. They enjoy interacting with their humans and love peek-a-boo type games, hand wrestling, and finger tag. A favourite mode of transportation is hitching a ride on their human’s head. These affectionate little parrots can often be seen laying on their backs playing with their foot toys or foot wrestling with toys allowed to dangle within their grasp. Caiques are fearless and can often be found hanging upside down while swaying to and fro or trying to intimidate parrots twice their size. Flying is not a Caiques forte due to their stocky little bodies, however, they are very active birds.

Because Caiques are so active and playful, they need the largest cage possible. You can never have too large a cage for these energetic little clowns; they will use every square inch of their cage space. Bar spacing should not exceed one inch. These colourful little clowns love to wrestle and tackle their toys. If their toys are hung from the top of the cage, Caiques will grab one toy in each foot and do battle with the best of them. Because they are so inquisitive and intelligent, toys need to be rotated often to keep boredom from setting in. I think a Caique's motto is “you can never have too many toys at any given time”.

Caiques average 9 inches in height and pack a lot of colour into their little bodies. They weigh in at 130 to 160 grams. Although Caiques are not known for their speaking abilities, some have been reported to have quite a good vocabulary, but they are more a personality than a talker.